Chinese Truck of the Year 2024 Claimed by Beijing Trucks

March 12,2024

On November 8, Commercial Vehicle Magazine revealed the 2024 winners of “the Chinese Truck of the Year Awards" in Wuhan, China. Beijing Trucks X9 took the crown as “the Chinese Truck of the Year 2024” (CTOY 2024) due to its outstanding performance in intelligence, fuel efficiency, safety and customized features.

Beijing Trucks X9 has rapidly gained global recognition since its launch in May this year in China. With the help of i-Beijing digital intelligent technology, it remedies the stagnant situation in heavy-duty industry and provides a variety of solutions for high-efficiency, cost effective operations.

Beijing Trucks X9 6×4 tractor unit is known for its rugged construction and advanced technology. With multiple aerodynamic improvements, it achieves a low drag coefficient of only 0.52Cd, which is 10% lower than trucks in its same class. In addition to the lightweight design, the vehicle's weight has been significantly reduced, resulting in improved fuel economy. Other notable features include 8 airbags rear air suspension and aluminum alloy wheels, as well as the large space and flat floor cab, which have reached a higher level of its same class.

Beijing Trucks X9 has competitive advantages in power, manoeuvrability and comfort. With Cummins X13 engine + ZF Traxon AMT + premium axle, it can deliver strong power and smooth gearshift in all conditions. As for safety, it is equipped with vented disc brake, AEBS (Advanced Emergency Braking System), TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), FCW (Forward Collision Warning), LDW (Lane Departure Warning). Besides, it also features 12.3 inch LED instrument, AVM (Around View Monitoring) camera, BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring), DFM (Driver Fatigue Monitoring), HAC (Hill-start Assist Control) to add more intelligence to the vehicle.

Beijing Trucks X9 is perfectly suited to users' needs in terms of power, fuel efficiency, comfort and safety. Yu Jing - chairman of the Chinese Truck of the Year Jury announced the winners and said: targeting at heavy-duty truck market, Beijing trucks has established a brand image of digital intelligence, pleasant driving and customization since its launch. Thanks to the extensive adoption of intelligent technology and safety assistance driving system, it is capable of providing a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. Its modular and customized design can cover most application scenarios, and fully meet individual needs. This also offers more room for improving transportation efficiency and reducing operation costs."

Xu Xiangming – director of BEIJING Trucks Brand & Communication Department delivered an acceptance speech: “CTOY is an international award and enjoys a high reputation in the industry. The award will promote greater innovation from Beijing Trucks. On the way to develop the global market, we sincerely hope to get your attention and support as always.

Gianenrico Griffini - chairman of the ITOY (International Truck of the Year) Jury test drives BEIJING trucks personally, he said “Beijing Trucks defines a new industrial standard with high-technologies and safety” and gave pertinent suggestions after comparing BEIJING trucks to ITOY participating models.”

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