Hongyan Launches its Most Powerful Heavy-duty NG Truck

March 12,2024

From November 8th to 11th 2023, China Commercial Vehicles Show (CCVS) 2023 was held at the Wuhan International Expo Center. CCVS is China’s only national-level commercial vehicle show held once every two years, and is also currently the largest commercial vehicle show in Asia. Hongyan,a leading heavy-duty truck manufacturer in China, attended the expo and launched its most powerful heavy-duty NG trucks.

Hongyan Launches its Most Powerful New Heavy-duty NG Trucks

The truck is available in 13L and 15L engine displacement with horsepower ranging from 500 to 590HP. Combined with a 12-speed or 16-speed transmission, it can help you handle the toughest working conditions. In addition, it is equipped with a gas tank with 1350L and 1500L capacity and has a range up to 1800km, making it ideal for heavy regional and short haul operations.

Equipped with a golden powertrain combination and low resistance design, the truck consumes only 29kg/100 km. To reduce the vehicle weight, it is equipped with HY420 drive axle. The chassis of the 13L products weighs only 8.3t and 15L products at 8.6t, 200kg less than the competition.

Hongyan's Smart Heavy-duty EV made its debut at CCVS. A variety of intelligent technologies were used on the trucks, including integrated Intelligent Control Technology, FOTA available for all series, Cloud Data Scene Understanding, Power Smart Computing, and Smart Scene Adaptive (SSA) Technology. Also on display are SAIC Power intelligent natural gas engine, electric drive axle and SFH electric drive axle, showing Hongyan’s determination to promote green energy.

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