CAT Launched Its T4K All-Electric Truck in South Korea

March 12,2024

SOUTH KOREA, April 11, 2023 / -- The T4K, a brand-new pure electric 1t light truck developed specifically for the Korean market has been launched to promote green mobility in the country!

The T4K is an all-electric 1t light truck developed by BYD in cooperation with GS, combining BYD's many years of experience in the commercial vehicle sector with the unique demands in the Korean market.

The T4K is equipped with an 82 kWh battery, the largest battery capacity among 1-ton electric truck in Korea, capable of travelling 246 km at room temperature and 209 km at low temperatures on a single charge. The electric motor also has an output of 140 kW, the highest performance among domestic 1-ton electric trucks.

In addition, the T4K is the first commercial vehicle with V2L (two-way charging for electric vehicles) in Korea, which is not yet available on competitive models.

According to BYD, as of March this year, a total of 301 electric buses have been deployed in the Korean market, with a cumulative operating mileage of more than 25 million kilometers. The entry of the T4K marks BYD's official entry into the Korean electric truck market and will prepare the way for its introduction of its electric passenger cars in the future.

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