LiuGong Mining Machinery has Hundreds of Millions of yuan of Overseas Orders

July 09,2024

Recently, Liugong Mining Machinery has made great progress and achieved major breakthroughs in the domestic and international markets! More than ten Liugong electric wide-body trucks were successfully delivered to Yadong Cement. Liugong Mining Machinery won orders worth 100 million yuan in the international market, and its sales volume broke the monthly record, achieving outstanding results!

Liugong electric wide-body trucks delivered in batches

On July 6, more than ten Liugong DW105A-E pure electric wide-body trucks were successfully delivered to Yadong Cement. Zhang Zhenkun, CEO of Yadong Cement, Pan Hengliang, Vice President of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., and Xia Haoyuan, Chairman of Jiangxi Haochuan, attended the delivery ceremony.

Yadong Cement is a long-term business partner of Liugong and has purchased Liugong equipment in bulk for mine construction. As a subsidiary of Asia Cement (China) Holdings Co., Ltd. (a large-scale listed comprehensive cement company), Yadong Cement is committed to building a modern enterprise with "three highs and one low" of high environmental protection, high quality, high efficiency and low cost.

It is reported that the equipment used by Yadong Cement (client) in the early stage of entering the mining field was mainly foreign brands. With the continuous technological breakthroughs of domestically produced equipment and after customer inspection, Liugong has won the favor of mining customers with its excellent performance and reliable quality.

More than 100 units shipped! Liugong mining machinery is booming in both production and sales

Since the second quarter, Liugong mining machinery has shown a trend of booming production and sales. Recently, more than 100 Liugong mining machinery equipment were successfully shipped overseas from Liugong Changzhou base, marking a major breakthrough in Liugong mining machinery in the global market.

In order to ensure that orders are delivered on time and with quality, all employees of Liugong Mining Machinery raced against time and worked closely together, ultimately achieving a leap in production capacity, with the number of units rolled off the production line and shipped in a single month setting a new historical high.

In the future, Liugong Mining Machinery will continue to be guided by science and technology, take quality as the cornerstone, adhere to customer first, and continuously achieve technological innovation, so as to promote the sustainable development of the global mining industry with more efficient, intelligent and environmentally friendly comprehensive solutions.

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