LiuGong Ovm Participating in the Construction of Wujiang River Bridge

July 09,2024

Recently, with the successful installation of the last pair of inclined cables of the Mozhai Wujiang Bridge on the Chongqing-Hunan Double Line Expressway, the bridge was successfully connected, marking the completion of the entire Pengshui to Youyang section of the Chongqing-Hunan Double Line Expressway. The bridge was built by Liugong Ovm Company.

Mozhai Wujiang Bridge is located near Maobiliang, Zhennan Village, Hanshaoqing Street, Pengshui County. It is a typical super-high pier and large-section bridge. It is located in the deep "V"-shaped valley of Wujiang River, spanning Wujiang River and G211 National Road. It is the controlling project of Pengyou section of Chongqing-Hunan Double Line Expressway. The main span of the bridge is 296 meters. It is the highest pier partial cable-stayed bridge in Asia. Part of it is located in the curved section, so it is also a curved partial cable-stayed bridge.

The main bridge is a double-tower cable-stayed bridge with a span combination of (153+296+153)m. The cable-stayed cable is arranged in a single-cable-plane double-row arrangement, and the main beam is a prestressed concrete structure. The bridge uses OVMAT-73-Φ15.2 partial cable-stayed bridge cable system products from OVM, and OVM is responsible for the installation and construction of the cable-stayed cables. The cable-stayed cables are arranged at the central partition of the main beam, and each cable tower is equipped with 2×21 pairs of 42 monofilament epoxy-coated steel strand cables, a total of 84 cables, and the total amount of the entire bridge is about 1,200 tons.

Mozhai Wujiang Bridge is the largest single-box three-chamber straight web section curved concrete low-tower cable-stayed bridge in China's existing and under-construction expressways. It is located on a steep terrain with a narrow construction site. It is affected by many factors such as roads and waterways, making construction difficult and risky. In response to these factors, the Mozhai Wujiang Bridge uses the sixth-generation anti-slip patented technology of low-tower cable-stayed bridges from Ovm, which occupies an important position in the field of low-tower cable-stayed bridges in my country.

During the construction process, in response to the tight schedule and heavy tasks, the professional prestressed construction team of Liugong Ovm Company continued to optimize the construction plan and strengthen on-site management and control. The cable-stayed cable of this bridge has 73 holes and a large number of cables. Cables 1#-9# are threaded by a cable threading machine, and cables 10#-21# are hung by a circulation system to improve the hanging efficiency. While ensuring the safe use of the product, a magnetic flux sensor monitoring system is added for real-time monitoring, and can provide real-time monitoring data of cable force for the later operation stage.

The Chongqing-Hunan double-track expressway project has a total mileage of 280 kilometers, consisting of three sections: Banan to Pengshui, Pengshui to Youyang, and Wulong to Daozhen, with an average bridge-tunnel ratio of 80%. After the project is completed and opened to traffic, it will effectively shorten the distance between the southeastern Chongqing area and the Chongqing main urban economic circle, strengthen the close connection between the districts and counties in the southeastern Chongqing area, and effectively alleviate the congestion of the existing Chongqing-Hunan expressway. It has far-reaching significance for further developing tourism resources along the route, promoting the integration of transportation and tourism, and driving the sustained and rapid development of the economy and society along the route.

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