SANY 2000-ton Crawler Crane Landed the World's Largest Coal-to-Olefins Project

July 09,2024

Recently, in Wushen Banner, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, the first phase of Baofeng Coal-based New Materials 2.6 million tons/year coal-to-olefins and supporting 400,000 tons/year implanted green hydrogen coupled olefins project, Shandong Haiwan used SCC20000A to successfully complete the 450-ton degassing bin hoisting, with a total of nearly 160,000 tons of equipment hoisted, and the hoisting task has been basically completed. In this project, the installation of the world's largest shift furnace manufactured by my country has been completed, marking another major breakthrough in the large-scale and localized demonstration application of key equipment for China's modern coal chemical industry.

This project is the world's largest single-plant coal-to-olefins project, and is also the world's only project that achieves large-scale green hydrogen production instead of fossil energy to produce olefins. The project cleverly combines green hydrogen technology with modern coal chemical synergistic production processes to achieve a total olefin production capacity of up to 3 million tons/year.

As a leading domestic hoisting company, Shandong Haiwan undertook a series of hoisting tasks, including the 2,200-ton methanol purification unit washing tower, 1,700-ton MTO reactor, 1,600-ton quench water washing tower, 1,200-ton olefin separation unit No. 1 olefin tower and No. 2 olefin tower, as well as 630-ton PE reactor and pulverized coal feed tank, etc., and used SANY 2000t, 1600t, 1250t, 1000t, 800t and other crawler cranes and truck cranes to participate in the construction.

The SCC20000A it purchased has also appeared in many major domestic projects many times. SCC20000A creatively developed a super-strong boom combination solution and adopted a unique "two-stage transition section" design, which greatly overcomes the difficulties in the assembly process. It has an ultra-large lifting torque of 28,000 t.m and an ultra-high lifting height of 108+108. It can be widely used in large-scale construction hoisting needs such as petrochemical, nuclear power, offshore wind power, bridges, etc., and has participated in many major transportation and energy projects.

The largest high-speed railway cross-line corridor bridge in China was hoisted as a whole

Yulong Petrochemical 2100t steel structure flare tower

"Hualong One" nuclear power dome hoisting

Installation of 11MW wind power test unit on the "Haiyan" platform

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