XCMG XE600G PRO, "What a great city~"

July 09,2024

Engineering machinery is constantly innovating

A groundbreaking giant is rising

XCMG XE600G PRO excavator

Leading a new trend in mining construction

Excellent fuel efficiency ratio

Tougher and more durable

Save money and worry

High-end and classy

Everyone who sees it will say

Ah~ "What a great City~"

Fuel, save! Save! Save!

Equipped with Cummins X12 engine

With 343kW/2100rpm powerful power

Allows you to work at high altitudes

Maintain strong power while reducing fuel consumption

Industry-leading "PIC" intelligent control technology

Comprehensively improve

Precise matching of power system and hydraulic system

Fuel efficiency is further upgraded

Unilateral fuel consumption is further reduced

Perfect balance between energy saving and high efficiency

Let you experience what it means to have the best of both worlds!

Operation, strong! Strong! Strong!

Efficient operation is not only

Strong power and strong technology

3.2m³ large bucket

Can be equipped with 205mm breaker

Can be loaded and crushed

One-piece welded lower frame design

Good overall strength

Easier disassembly and transportation

228 pitch mine heavy-duty four-wheel area

Standing operation, stable mine

Wear resistance life can be increased by 35%

Mine construction is more reliable and durable

Filtration, excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

The fuel filtration system has been upgraded to three-stage filtration

The water capacity has been increased

The filtration efficiency has been increased

The maintenance cost has been greatly reduced

Oil pre-filter specifications increased

Engine intake resistance reduced by 25%

Amount of ash capacity increased by more than 40%

Maximum extension of oil pre-filter and air filter

Maintenance cycle more than doubled

Save money and worry

The main feature of the mining giant is high performance

If you also want to own

a mining large-tonnage excavator

that is efficient and durable

you can’t go wrong by choosing XCMG XE600G PRO!

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