LiuGong Indonesia Launched School-Enterprise Cooperation Project

July 10,2024

Recently, LiuGong Indonesia, in collaboration with Liuzhou Polytechnic University and the Politeknik Negeri Sriwijaya (hereinafter referred to as "POLSRI"), carried out a school-enterprise cooperation project.

LiuGong and Liuzhou Polytechnic University dispatched a training team to provide several weeks of TTT (Train the Trainer) training and certification for 18 teachers at POLSRI. The content not only included the structure and working principle of core components such as the engine, gearbox, and drive axle, but also practical courses such as operation and on-site demonstrations.

In addition, the training team adopts guide teaching method and project teaching method, combined with visualization textbooks to make the learning process more vivid and easy to understand, improving the participation and effectiveness of the training.

"We are very pleased to have in-depth cooperation with LiuGong and Liuzhou Polytechnic University. Through this training, we have not only improved our skills, but also laid a solid foundation for better cultivating students in the future," said a teacher of POLSRI.

LiuGong Indonesia has always been committed to the inheritance of technology and the cultivation of talents, contributing to the development of local construction machinery through international cooperation projects. In the future, LiuGong will continue to strengthen cooperation with international universities, deepen its cultivation in the field of construction machinery technology training, promote the cultivation of global talents, and deepen LiuGong's influence in the international market.

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