Debuting in the Netherlands! This time it’s XCMG’s huge, huge, huge…

July 10,2024

XCMG went to the "Giant Country" Netherlands? ?

What is it this time?

Of course it is XCMG's huge

high-altitude work platform series products

Recently, XCMG made an appearance in the Dutch port city of Dordrecht.

Nearly 20 models of XCMG scissor lifts, straight arm lifts, articulated arm lifts, etc. "Eye-catching and money-making" aerial work products were won on site.

Multiple orders were received

Let's go~

At the event, XCMG's XGS28E, XGA12ACK and XGS70K were particularly eye-catching. The test drive area was specially selected with a gravel road with slopes and pits to simulate the construction environment of non-paved roads. The reliability of XCMG equipment was fully demonstrated.


Straight arm aerial work platform

Strong power and high efficiency

Meet the construction requirements of large load and large working surface

Working height 28.2 meters, maximum load 460kg

Intelligent adjustment of working range

Can meet different load requirements


Cranked boom aerial work platform

The length, width and height of the whole machine are all small in the industry

Flexible extension

Can achieve vertical lifting and horizontal extension

Has strong obstacle crossing ability


ultra-high meter-class straight-arm aerial work platform

with its excellent lifting capacity and stability

attracted the attention of on-site customers

The superb experience of "seeing all the mountains" and "soaring into the clouds"

attracted the praise of on-site experiencers

The product was raised to the highest point

and showed extremely high stability

At the event, XCMG not only won orders, but also demonstrated its leading position and excellent service in the field of aerial work platforms in Europe through superb technical demonstrations. This demonstration undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for the future in-depth cooperation between XCMG and customers from European countries.

Expanding overseas markets

Promoting "Made in China" to the world

XCMG keeps moving forward

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