2003.08 meters, the second in the world!XCMG XZ6600 Drilling Rig

July 10,2024

28 hours of non-stop operation, total length 2003.08m.

XCMG's large-diameter directional drilling crossing was successfully pulled back in one go. Among the same diameter crossing projects, this construction length ranks second in the world.

Recently, in Huanghua City, Hebei Province, XCMG's XZ6600 ultra-large tonnage horizontal directional drilling rig delivered a brilliant performance.

Recently, XCMG XZ6600 appeared in Huanghua City, Hebei Province, and successfully crossed a directional drilling pipeline with a pipe section diameter of 1219mm and a total length of 2003.08m.

XCMG XZ6600 horizontal directional drilling rig is a large-tonnage horizontal directional drilling rig independently developed by XCMG Foundation to meet customer needs.

Faced with multiple complex geological conditions such as large pipe diameter, long distance, alternating soft and hard formations, as well as technical difficulties such as limited prefabrication area and difficult mud preparation, XCMG XZ6600 horizontal directional drilling rig successfully pulled back once with its characteristics of fast rotation speed, high torque, strong push and pull force!

At the same time, XCMG provides customers with professional technical support and complete solutions, combined with dual drilling rig penetration technology and dual drilling rig expansion construction technology, providing strong guarantee for the successful implementation of the project.

During the construction process, the XCMG XZ6600 horizontal directional drilling rig also demonstrated its green, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient features.

In this directional drilling crossing construction, the project department strictly implemented the green and environmentally friendly construction requirements and required "low fuel consumption and high efficiency" to complete the construction. The XCMG XZ6600 horizontal directional drilling rig is equipped with a dual-engine power system. Not only does the drilling rig have strong power and strong stratum adaptability, but it also saves fuel consumption, saving more than 30% of fuel compared to traditional drilling rigs, which perfectly meets the requirements of the construction party.

It is worth mentioning that the dual drilling rig expansion technology was used for the first time in this construction, which not only improved the construction efficiency, but also ensured the quality and safety of the project. The application of this innovative technology has brought the completion date one month ahead of the original plan, fully demonstrating the stability, reliability, efficiency and safety of the XCMG XZ6600.As a veteran in the trenchless field, XCMG's XZ6600 has completed super projects such as the 2,640m ultra-long crossing in Nigeria, the largest diameter and longest distance mountain directional crossing in the domestic oil and gas pipeline field.

The successful application in Huanghua City once again proves the outstanding strength and leading position of XCMG horizontal directional drilling in the field of trenchless large-diameter crossing.

Using strength and performance to endorse "Made in China", XCMG will continue to provide global customers with better products and services.

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