20 LiuGong loaders shipped to help increase railway coal transshipment capacity

July 10,2024

LiuGong 862H loader is not only powerful and can maintain a stable and efficient working state for a long time, but also can achieve precise control during loading, effectively reducing energy consumption. In addition, the core components and structural parts are reliable and durable, and the safety performance is maximized. With its strong adaptability and reliability, 862H loader has become an indispensable "iron warrior" in the field of coal transportation.

Since its launch, LiuGong 862H loader has quickly gained wide recognition in the market with its excellent performance. In every link of coal transportation, whether it is coal mining site or railway transfer station, 862H can be seen busy. Its appearance not only effectively alleviates the pressure of coal transportation, but also brings tangible economic benefits to customers.

LiuGong knows that every technological innovation is a reward for the trust of customers. In the future, LiuGong will continue to uphold the core values of "customer first, innovation drives the future; struggle is the basis, cooperation creates value", and contribute to the high-quality development of my country's railway transportation and coal industries with better products and services.

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