XCMG’s aerial work vehicle frame forms four mountain track “sky rails”

May 14,2024

This is a mountain track from Dujiangyan to Siguniang Mountain, spanning an altitude of 4000m, with a total length of 123 kilometers, an altitude difference of more than 4000m, a temperature of more than 30 degrees, an oxygen content of less than 40%, and more than a hundred kinds of local environment. For almost extreme construction difficulties, XCMG GKS23B aerial work vehicle exerts its maximum strength.

The construction environment is harsh and the construction period is arduous. The XCMG GKS23B aerial work vehicle has a maximum operating height of 22.8m and a maximum operating range of 14.6m. It uses new high-strength ultra-thin steel to perfectly control the construction environment on the stone、sparkling particles and sand land in Western Sichuan. With stable and efficient lifting performance, excellently completed the bridge pier construction task, and maximized the operational performance of Blue Brand products.

XCMG successfully solved this problem with its core technology, stable performance and complete construction method plan, and successfully completed the university in one week! The "Sky Rail" Dusi mountain train is really well controlled by XCMG!

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