Foton Proko cleaning truck, refuel in 5 minutes and operate for 8 hours!

May 14,2024

The iBROCK hydrogen fuel sweeper is an environmentally friendly urban cleaning vehicle powered by hydrogen energy. It has a range of 510 kilometers. In practical applications, it can work continuously for 8 hours a day, greatly improving the efficiency of environmental sanitation work.

Efficient operation, continuous operation for 8 hours

The iBROCK hydrogen fuel cleaning truck fully considers the high intensity and continuous needs of environmental sanitation work. It is equipped with the largest hydrogen bottle in China, 385L*3, with a battery life of 510km, and a 50.45kWh power battery. The rated power is 120kw, and it can operate continuously for 8 hours to ensure stable operation. The operating status greatly saves the operating time and cost of the sanitation fleet.

Quick energy replenishment: 5 minutes of hydrogenation

The iBROCK hydrogen-fueled sweeper refuels in 5 minutes and has a range of up to 510km, which greatly improves the scope and efficiency of sanitation work, reduces downtime caused by frequent fuel replenishment, and ensures the continuity and integrity of urban cleaning tasks.

Intelligent control one-touch control

iBROCK hydrogen-fueled sweeper truck realizes intelligent one-button control, 9 operating modes are optional, the suction nozzle expansion design is integrated stamping, can suck large and light garbage, elastically gives way on collision, adapts to complex road cleaning, the upper fan and water pump are all made of stainless steel Motor driven, safe and reliable, 4mm thick single-layer stainless steel box, 8m³ clean water tank, 7m³ dustbin to meet daily cleaning needs.

Comfortable ride and relieve fatigue

The iBROCK hydrogen fuel sweeper truck is equipped with standard airbag shock-absorbing seats to accommodate different sitting postures and reduce driving fatigue. It adopts Foton's special hydrogen fuel sanitation vehicle chassis to make the vehicle more reliable. It has a 360° monitoring system to monitor the operating environment around the vehicle body in real time. , ensuring full coverage of the cleaning area with no blind spots or dead corners, ensuring good cleaning results.

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