Efficient and versatile: Fulinge tipper semi-trailers

May 15,2024

In addition to push trailers, dump trucks are now also included in the product portfolio of the Fulinge semi-trailer fleet. The ZHKA 350 dump semi-trailer is based on a lightweight, high-performance design to achieve maximum transportation efficiency.

As growing areas become larger and travel distances become longer, transportation in the agricultural sector needs to address this structural change. Therefore, trailers are used in agriculture to transport large quantities of agricultural products quickly. Fulinge is expanding its range of trailers to include tipper semi-trailers.

The innovative ZHKA 350 aluminum body two-axle rear-tilt semi-trailer offers optimal transport performance and versatility. The total vehicle weight of the ZHKA 350 is about 31 tons, and the unladen weight is about 6 tons, depending on the items transported, the payload is satisfactory. The gray curved frame front is eye-catching and has no edges. It saves weight in favor of the payload and stabilizes the frame, since vertical forces are optimally bundled and transferred to the towbar connection plate. The underside of the curved chassis has a steel rail that simplifies coupling and prevents damage. The round shape also makes maneuvering easier, as the tractor has greater freedom of movement without angular surfaces.

The 9300mm long aluminum box is tapered and widens at the rear, which facilitates unloading of any agricultural transport cargo. Even wet materials, such as manure and silage, can slip easily. The rear wall with rubber seal and turnbuckle and the grain hatch of 400 x 400 mm make the ZHKA 350 suitable for transporting a wide range of goods, including grains and even rapeseed as well as wet goods such as manure. There is no fluid leakage as the body is completely sealed. Of particular note is the pendulum rear wall with double hinges and double hook locking, allowing lateral leveling up to 300 mm and quick unloading.

The air suspension with tilt lift function gives you a very smooth ride on the road. Coupled with rigid axles and spring plates, maximum stability is achieved during tipping. The tilt-lift function can also be optionally deactivated. Adjustment levers for raising and lowering enable active control of the air suspension. Depending on the speed configuration, 600/55 R26.5 tires for 60 km/h or 24 R20.5 tires for 80 km/h are mounted on the rigid axle.

In order to secure the transported agricultural products, ZHKA 350 is equipped with a roller tarpaulin with a platform as standard. The vertical platform at the front of the Fulinge dump semi-trailer is directly bolted to the sleeve of the dump cylinder. In this way, when the platform tilts upward, it can rotate backward on the auxiliary wheel plate, thereby reducing the amount of front overhang on the main pin. The compressed air supply and electrical connections are mounted on the platform, enabling the driver to operate these connections while standing. Only Fulinge's trailers place the coupling in such a position that the driver can reach it without having to crawl under the vehicle.


A hydraulic "TopLift Light" folding roof is available as an option. The folding roof provides a simple and quick cover for silage and wood chips and, depending on the equipment, can be conveniently controlled from the driver's seat via radio remote control.

The ZHKA 350 is the solution to the growing demand for efficient agricultural transportation. With this semi-trailer, Fulinge is further expanding its product range in the agricultural trailer segment and offering a more cost-effective alternative to push-type semi-trailers.

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