Efficient、intelligent SAIC Hongyan dump truck assists in waste transportation

May 16,2024

SAIC Hongyan insists on winning the trust of users with high-quality products and reliable services. This time, the SAIC Hongyan Jiehu H6 dump truck will continue to inherit the nature of the "King of Engineering", lead the National VI dump truck market, and achieve efficient operations.

Efficient transportation, strong energy saving

Urban construction is in full swing. As the "number one transporter" of urban construction waste, SAIC Hongyan dump trucks have always been highly recognized by users. Fuel consumption is almost always a big problem faced by urban construction waste transport truck users, and high efficiency and energy saving are the most important thing for users. The Hongyan Jiehu H6 dump truck is equipped with a Corso engine with a maximum horsepower of 370Ps. At a speed of 1100-1500rpm, the maximum torque can reach 1600N·m, continuously outputting strong power. The vehicle is faster when starting and has more power when driving. It not only brings a surging driving experience to card lovers, but also saves fuel consumption. In addition, the vehicle comes standard with gear shifting assist, and truck owners can select the power gear according to the loading situation to complete the transportation task in the most economical way. The equipped 12-speed transmission has better control performance and higher vehicle carrying efficiency.

Lightweight, reliable and smart operation

In the transportation of urban construction waste, the speed of transporting waste can easily not keep up with the speed of waste production, so that drivers need to work overtime. SAIC Hongyan’s intelligent muck truck can run faster and pull more through scientific weight reduction. The vehicle is equipped with a lightweight cargo compartment and tarpaulin cover, which can effectively reduce weight and increase cargo capacity while ensuring safety, reliability, and dust prevention. The new four-horse T40 disconnected balance suspension can perfectly balance strong load-bearing and light weight. The core components of the vehicle have significantly reduced their weight through structural topology optimization and lightweight material application. In terms of the entire vehicle device, this vehicle can also provide lightweight customization, which is fully guaranteed by a team of experts to provide a full range of customized solutions to further reduce the weight of the vehicle and meet the lightweight needs of various regions. In terms of intelligence, SAIC Hongyan dump truck integrates intelligent modules such as satellite positioning, wireless communication and vehicle status information collection, which can realize the "six fixed functions" of determining people, timing, points, routes, areas and speeds. In the face of problems such as unlicensed driving, speeding, route deviation, etc., vehicles can provide timely warnings and urge drivers to make timely corrections, effectively improving the safety of waste transportation. The launch of "six certain functions" not only makes fleet management more standardized, but also provides drivers with higher safety assurance. While saving manpower, it also speeds up the intelligent construction of cities.

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