Chengli Dongfeng Tianjin 45m ladder truck

May 16,2024

The chassis adopts Dongfeng Tianjin flagship brand chassis, with a yellow card, Cummins 180 horsepower engine, Fast eight gears, 4.5T front axle, 9T single-stage reduction rear axle, 250*80 (7+4) beam, 9.00R20 steel tires, 200L all-steel fuel tank, original air conditioner, steering wheel, ABS, electric glass, remote control lock, airbag shock-absorbing driver's seat, with cruise system. 

·Ladder truck: Humanized design, more convenient, the floor bucket is 45 centimeters above the ground, and it saves effort when working.

·100-meter remote control operation, remote control operation can be performed within 100 meters, no longer have to worry about working in the sun, and it is more convenient when working.

·The hopper with self-unloading function can automatically unload cargo when transporting goods or sand, greatly saving working time.

·Hydraulic outriggers, H-type hydraulic outriggers plus front hydraulic outriggers. The two-section horizontal outriggers have a large span and good stability. They can be operated simultaneously or separately. The front outriggers enhance the stability of the vehicle.

·220V on-board power supply can be connected to electric work tools at the work site to facilitate work.

·The air pump can be connected to the pneumatic working tool at the work site, making work convenient and labor-saving.

·Equipped with a navigator, which integrates navigation, driving recorder, reversing image, and audio and video playback functions to facilitate driving.

·Stroke memory, through computer learning and memory of the first operation mode, one button to reach the designated position, the lifting speed can be adjusted freely, suitable for multiple round-trip operations at the same height.

·Manual automatic radiator, automatic temperature sensing, when the temperature reaches 55 degrees, it will automatically dissipate heat to reduce losses.

·The overall top is imported from Korea, more secure.

Ladder trucks are also called ladder trucks, aerial transport trucks, aerial material transport trucks, and ladder moving trucks. This vehicle is mainly used for project leasing, waterproofing materials going upstairs, moving companies, cement sand and gravel transportation, building materials going upstairs, construction waste handling, ship maintenance, road and bridge repair, etc. It can carry a cargo weight of 400 kilograms.



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