Dayun basement construction waste special compartment removable garbage truck

May 28,2024

Special chassis for Dayun basement construction waste (Yunai 150 HP)

Removable compartment garbage truck

Chassis model: CGC1042HDF33F

Cab: New Opuli (1835mm)

Vehicle height: 2220mm (actual height 2180mm)

Wheelbase: 3550mm

Engine: Yunnei 150 horsepower (D25TCIF1)

Gearbox: Wanliyang eight-speed

Rear axle: 1080 engineering rear axle

Tires: 7.00R16 8PR

Girder: Double-layer girder 200X (4.5+3mm)

Curb weight: 3865(Kg)

Chassis weight: 2600KG

1. Can go to the basement to transfer construction waste (domestic waste)

2.Transportation of sand and gravel by engineering fleet

3. One vehicle can carry multiple garbage bins

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