Delivered 30 TX7 gas tractor,helping customers upgrade efficiently!

May 29,2024

Recently, SINOTRUCK HOWO Heavy Duty Truck Jinan Branch held an important delivery ceremony. Cangzhou Huihong delivered the first batch of 30 HOWO TX7 gas tractors to a local major customer.

This major customer enjoys a high reputation in Cangzhou, Cangxian, and owns two transportation companies. Its business scope covers the transportation business of mixing stations in Cangzhou and Tangshan, including the distribution of bulk cement and fly ash. With the continuous development of the business, the company's fleet has expanded to more than 100 vehicles, but it has long used diesel tractors as the main means of transportation. Recently, in the face of the widening gap between oil and gas prices and the replacement cycle of old diesel vehicles, the company decided to actively respond to environmental protection policies and promote the transformation of vehicles to clean energy.

After in-depth market research and consulting with local large logistics and transportation companies, the major customer finally chose the HOWO TX7 gas tractor as a replacement model. The HOWO TX7 has won high recognition from customers for its excellent gas-saving performance, reliable performance and excellent road adaptability. The customer decided to purchase HOWO TX7 gas tractors in batches to fully upgrade its transportation efficiency and profitability.

The HOWO TX7 gas tractor delivered this time is equipped with the Weichai WP13NG-4.0 gas engine exclusively for SINOTRUCK, and adopts the advanced S-IEC gas intelligent control technology. It not only has lower emissions and higher energy efficiency, but also has strong power performance and stable operation performance. In the field of bulk cement and fly ash transportation, HOWO TX7 has won unanimous praise from customers for its excellent adaptability and durability.

The success of this delivery not only reflects SINOTRUCK HOWO heavy-duty truck's persistent pursuit of environmental protection and efficient transportation, but also demonstrates the strong influence and market competitiveness of the HOWO brand in the industry. In the future, HOWO will continue to uphold the concept of "quality first, customer first", and continue to launch more high-quality and high-performance heavy-duty truck products to provide customers with better quality and efficient services.

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